Read Camille Grammer’s Restraining Order Against Her Boyfriend: “I Began to Believe He Would Kill Me”

Camille Grammer filed a restraining order against her longtime boyfriend after he allegedly beat her in their hotel room.

And her account of the incident is nothing less than terrifying.

In court documents filed Tuesday and obtained by Celebuzz, Camille talks about the events leading up to when Dimitri Charalambopoulos allegedly attacked her on Oct. 16 as she was recovering from a hysterectomy after a being diagnosed with cancer.

After questioning him about an early morning phone call from another woman in their Houston hotel room, Dimitri became “verbally abusive” and “succeeded in pulling swaths” of her hair out, leading to a “large, painful contusion” on her head, according to the docs.

When she begged him to stop and threatened to call police, he “pinned” Camille on her back and “placed his knees on my lower body… grabbed both my wrists in one hand and made a fist with the other.” This went on for about an hour, all while her family members were in another room.

In an effort to keep her from screaming for help, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star alleges Dimitri “applied the bottom of his hand to my nose, thrusting upward to cause me pain, and covered my mouth.

“I began to believe he would kill me,” she added of the assault which has left her with ongoing emotional distress and nightmares.

Read about how Camille escaped according to the court documents in the CB! gallery above.