‘Girl Code’ Gals Gab About Their Worst Dates Ever

The ladies of MTV’s Girl Code don’t hold back when it comes to the gift of gab. And it’s not girl talk without a little guy talk.

So when Jamie Lee and Nicole Byer swung by our studio to talk about season 2 of the hit show we couldn’t help but dish on their favorite subjects — worst date encounters and most awkward TV moments.

In a nutshell, Nicole’s includes sleeping with a guy in a cab, while Jamie’s fond memories involve her boyfriend’s mom, chicken, line dancing and a dude with greasy hair and a shiny shirt. (And not necessarily in that order.)

Watch all the hilarity ensue in the CB! video above. And for more with the ladies on what they hope makes it into Season 2, also watch the video below.

Girl Code returns for Season 2 tonight on MTV at 10/9c.