Steven Tyler Takes a Bathroom Break at Olive Garden and Walks Out With Breadsticks

Steven Tyler couldn’t hold it in any longer.

The Aerosmith frontman took making a pit stop to a whole new level by swinging by a Boston area Olive Garden in his limo and surprising diners.

Only he wasn’t hungry… he just really needed to pee.

“He didn’t order food, he came in to use the men’s room,” employee Andrea Dardy told Celebuzz.

“I saw his limo when I came in and it was really quiet. No one recognized him because of the age group of people in here.”

But the employees did a double take.

“He came in and went directly to the restroom. I said, ‘Hey, you look familiar.’ And he said, ‘Oh yeah’ and went into the bathroom,” said another employee Tuzde Nazaire.

“People started saying he was a rock star so when he came out people were waiting. He was really cool and took photos,” she added.

And given that he is a rock star, the former American Idol judge is entitled to one diva demand — or a basket full.

“The only thing he asked for were breadsticks,” said Nazaire. ‘They’re free, so we gave him some on his way out.”

But unfortunately for the employees he didn’t leave a tip.