Stop Inviting Awful People To Your Show, Bethenny

You’d think Bethenny Frankel would have opted to make this week a little lighter after Monday’s guest, but hump day proved to be worse for the talk show host.

Frankel found herself arguing with holier-than-though Omarosa Manigault, who came out with guns blazing.

Apparently the two women haven’t gotten along ever since Frankel claimed that Manigault (who appeared on The Apprentice) is only famous for being a reality TV star.  An odd statement, given that Frankel is one as well.

Manigault was once a consultant for then-Vice President Al Gore, and was ordained as a minister in February 2012.  Frankel sold her liquor brand for over $100 million dollars.

Each woman is accomplished, and each has appeared on reality TV.

“I don’t think you have a brand,” Frankel to Marigault, who shot back at her.

“You make cupcakes, I worked in the White House.  Get a grip.”

Sensing that viewers saw her as a masochist, Frankel defended her decision today to book Manigault (for a $10,000 fee).