Justin Bieber Pulls a Chris Brown, Wrecks Things With Graffiti

What do you do when music’s not enough? Start going into “street art,” of course.

Like Chris Brown before him, Justin Bieber has ventured into the world of graffiti, sharing photos of his “new hobby” on his Instagram Thursday.

In one picture, Justin is seen tagging “RIP PAC” over a drawing of a frog flipping the bird, while another snapshot — posted by R&B singer pal Khalil — shows the “Heartbreaker” singer spray-painting a rabbit while a police cruiser flashes its light behind him. (Wait, are we in Grand Theft Auto V right now? Why are the cops not doing anything about this?)

It’s unclear if the Canadian crooner’s graffiti memorial is whether made for Tupac Shakur or his late hamster of the same name. Given Biebs’ street credit, my money’s on the latter.