Kim Kardashian Tells Jay Leno She's Lost 50 Pounds, Wears See-Through Dress to Prove It

Kim Kardashian was not in hiding while she was losing all fifty pounds she gained bonding with baby Nori, she told Jay Leno last night on The Tonight Show.

Kim did admit she was very hurt by all the criticism of her pregnancy weight gain and after getting fiancé Kanye West's approval, she posted the swimsuit selfie as her "middle finger to the world on everyone that called me fat."

Kim also discussed her surprise wedding proposal. Kim thought they were just going to dinner in San Fran for her birthday/his Yeesuz tour and then BOOM. Giants stadium, orchestra, fireworks. She wouldn't reveal exactly what Kanye said during the proposal, because "that's private."

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  • Amiracle Moroccan
    Amiracle Moroccan

    Tell Kim Kardashian, I Was Tryna Hit Top Weight. Bitch Bad As Fuck Doe. More Cushion For The Pushin'. Only Real Hood Niggas Know That. And That When My Family Sold Kanye To Kris He WAS NOT supposed to procreate. And Tell Him His Slave feet are NEVER allowed back in my damn pyramids.

  • firesidechat

    I think it's rotten when a person is judged and criticized because of their weight gain or loss...pregnancy or's cruel. You don't have to like the individual, but don't show your immaturity by cutting remarks about that person's physical look...regardless of what it is.