No Joke: Kevin Hart Donates $250K to Philly Schools

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Just because sometimes it’s nice to hear positive things in this mad world, we’re happy to report comedian Kevin Hart has put a bunch of money into the city where he was raised

I’ll be honest: I haven’t even seen his stand-up. I’ve been meaning to DVR it, but I’m all backed up on Top Chef and Peg + Cat (I have a 10-month old). I know a LOT of people think he is hilarious and he is hugely successful. He did have an amusing scene with fellow comedian Aziz Ansari in This is The End, but I can’t say I am a fan … yetI am, however, a huge fan of do-gooders so when Hart announced via Twitter:

My first thought was cynical, of course. Ugh. Why announce it? Why not quietly donate a bunch of money and let the deed itself serve as the proverbial pat on the back? But then I thought: this is 2013. Everyone announces everything all the time because of social media.

It’s cool, Kev. Thanks for letting us know that you are taking $250,000 of your earnings and donating that to the school districts in Philadelphia to help buy new computers. In these times of Chris Brown‘s most recent arrest, Julianne Hough‘s blackface, and just soooo much reporting on celebrity nakedness (we’re guilty of it), it’s just nice to read something positive about a celebrity once in awhile.