Rihanna Covers Up Her Maori Tattoo With Something Most Kids Get at the Local Fair

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As if having designs hammered into you with a chisel and mallet wasn’t painful enough, Rihanna decided to up the ante by getting yet another tattoo atop of the traditional Maori one she received while vacationing in New Zealand.

Less than a month after grimacing through a ta moko tattoo, RiRi flew her favorite ink masters — the folks at New York City’s very own Bang Bang — to the Dominican Republic to cover up her latest body art. According to the parlor’s own Instagram, the team “spent hours and hours drawing on different designs” until they “found one that worked” for the singing diva.

Now covered up by a henna-inspired piece, Rihanna’s old tat was get rid of the negativities of her past.

The symbols involved are of dreams, hope, aspirations and navigation with Polynesian stars on her fingers,” the design’s artist, Inia Taylor, previously told us. “Apparently, she had such an asshole of a boyfriend she said. The tattoo is just a reminder of the things in the past. Lord knows, she overcame a lot of that sh*t.”

“It’s not about getting a tattoo, it’s a ceremony,” he added. “Tattoos aren’t fashion. They are a way to get rid of pain in your life. You have to create pain to get over pain.”

Well, Rihanna’s certainly creating more pain with this new coverup.