Rihanna Is Here to Remind You of Her Fabulous Life and Equally Fabulous Bikini Body

If you every want to be mentally transported to a tropical paradise, a cheap way to do it is by visiting Rihanna's Instagram. Seriously, everyone's favorite part-time crime-fighter loves to take photos of two things and two things only: the amazing places she gets to visit and how her bikini body looks at those aforementioned amazing places.

Like clockwork, the "Stay" songstress has posted yet another set of sexy photos from her recent trip to the Dominican Republic this week. If you get your ears close to the screen, I swear you can hear the ocean waves.

Launch the gallery above to see RiRi's latest snapshots.






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  • Elizabeth Aspen
    Elizabeth Aspen

    Oh yeah, fantastic life. Drunk and high out of her mind every day, stripping for a living, covered in skanky tattoos and attracted to guys who beat her up. That's pretty much every inner city woman in America, so color my unimpressed with this chick's "fabulous" life.