SNL’s Writers Face Their Toughest Challenge Yet: To Think of Weird Characters for Lady Gaga to Play That She Hasn’t Already Played Herself

Saturday Night Live has just announced two more weeks’ worth of hosts and musical guests. Lady Gaga will serve double duty on November 16, while The Hunger GamesJosh Hutcherson will host the November 23 episode with musical guest Haim.

This will be the first time on SNL for Hutcherson and Haim. Lady Gaga has been a musical guest before, but never a host. It’s going to be interesting to see what the show’s writers have in store for her. Will they heighten her schtick even further for comedic effect or will they decide it’s funnier for her to play completely average people: “in this sketch, Lady Gaga plays a kindergarten teacher in Boise, Idaho.”

But can she act, you’re surely asking yourselves. Check out this clip of the woman who would become Gaga on MTV’s Boiling Points and then you tell me.