Heidi Montag Has Finally Deflated Her Fake Boobs

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Barbie wannabe Heidi Montag, who underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one sitting after appearing on The Hills, has gone under the knife again — but this time, she’s reverting her figure back to something that looks less like a Mattel doll.

The former reality star reportedly got herself a breast reduction to decrease her bra size from an F to a D cup, filming the surgery for Entertainment Tonight. (Come on, this is Heidi Montag we’re talking about.)

Host Brooke Anderson tweeted about the surgery Thursday, writing, “We r in the OR w/@HeidiMontag tn on @ETonlineAlert as she downsizes from F breasts to D for health reasons!”

In 2012, Montag expressed her regret in undergoing a head-to-toe makeover — including rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast implants and buttock augmentation — all in one day.

I would never do it again and I never recommend it for anyone,” she told Access Hollywood. “I kind of wanted a few enhancements and then it got out of hand. I wasn’t told really the repercussions and what would happen, emotionally and psychically and the pain I would be in. I was kind of in shock.”

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