NEW PHOTOS: Demi Moore Spotted at Addiction Conference in India

Demi Moore is starting over and looking for spiritual guidance to help navigate her new beginning in life.

The 50-year-old actress and ex Ashton Kutcher have finally finalized their divorce after a two-year separation, but the Margin Call star has clearly put that behind her and is focusing on her recovery after she was spotted in the audience of a Mind and Life conference with the Dalai Lama in India this week.

And CB! has new photos.

Moore has been front and center during the intimate 5-day conference that focuses its attention on craving, desire and addiction.

Before the conference ended on Nov. 1, the actress can be seen listening attentively and even cracking a smile alongside Russell Brand’s yoga instructor Tej Kaur Khalsa as the Dalai Lama livened up the audience with a few jokes (below).

(Can you find Demi in the crowd? Photo: YouTube)

But Moore took the journey to Dharamsala very seriously alongside featured speakers that ranged from scientists and leaders of Buddhist and Christian traditions to addiction specialists who discussed their views and findings of the root causes of craving.

(Photo: YouTube)

Moore has been on the road to recovery since she entered a treatment facility in 2012 after the demise of her six-year marriage.