Peter Facinelli is Whitey Bulger’s ‘Street Soldier’ in New Fox Series

He’s played a Vampire patriarch, a Doctor with an embarrassing secret, a smooth pickpocket and Peter Facinelli’s next role will take him into the criminal world of Boston’s Irish mob.

Peter will play a lead in the Fox event series Street Soldier, based on the autobiography of Eddie MacKenzie, a former henchman to notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger. MacKenzie recounts his years as Bulger’s henchman and how he escaped the life of crime without being killed. Bulger, who managed to evade authorities for 16 years was finally caught in 2011 in Santa Monica, Calif.

Peter and his producing partner A7SLE Films Rob DeFranco acquired the rights to the story several years ago and originally intended to make it into an independent feature film. DeFranco tells Celebuzz,”Peter and I are excited to be working with such a talented group of people like Michael De Luca, Ted Mann and Larry Golin, to bring this to life at Fox.”