Read the Highlights from Kimye’s Inflammatory Lawsuit Against YouTube’s Founder

As we reported last night, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially filed suit against Chad Hurley, a co-founder of YouTube, who uploaded video from the couple’s elaborate proposal ceremony online. Celebuzz has obtained the 13-page complaint which argues that Hurley violated a confidentiality agreement in posting the video online. The complaint’s language is incredibly incendiary, here are the highlights.

In the complaint, Kardashian and West state that Hurley was not personally invited to the surprise proposal which West organized. In fact, the couple claims to have never met Hurley. However, they say, Hurley came with a friend who was invited and that he was only allowed entry because he signed a document, agreeing not to share any part of the ceremony online.

“Hurley, eager for opportunities to promote his new but foundering business enterprise (MixBit), finagled entry into an exclusive event to which he had not been invited, and which involved two people (Kardashian and West) whom Hurley has never before met.”

Not only does the couple argue that Hurley signed the confidentiality agreement, they also took a picture of him holding it. That photo is attached to the full complaint.

Kardashian and West claim that Hurley knowingly violated the confidentiality agreement in order to drum up publicity for MixBit, the new startup he co-founded.

“That Hurley did these things out of desperation is readily apparent. Despite his extraordinary financial success in creating YouTube, which was sold in 2006, Hurley has ever since sought his “second act.” This has become exceedingly elusive to Hurley: in 2012, he unsuccessfully attempted to set up a Formula One racing team, which lost all of its money and was disbanded. In May 2012, Hurley formed a web service named Zeen, which also failed and has been slated for closure in 2013.

“With consecutive flops on his hands, Hurley then launched MixBit, which also quickly ran into trouble. Following a lackluster launch and unsuccessful ensuing debut, Hurley sought to salvage MixBit from its dour beginnings. An opportunity to do so appeared to Hurley when he learned of an October 21, 2013 even featuring West and Kardashian. Despite not being invited, and not knowing either West or Kardashian, Hurley sought to procure his own attendance in order to capitalize on the event and promote MixBit.”

It was, in fact, on MixBit that Hurley shared the video of the ceremony which numerous websites (including this one) shared.

The complaint also essentially confirms that we’ll get to see the proposal up close on an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, stating that West himself had commissioned a production company to document the event. While that was expected, neither West nor Kardashian had confirmed it previously.

You can read the full complaint here: