The Future is Now: Heidi Klum is Old Lady at Her Halloween Party

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Heidi Klum has outdone herself again. For her 14th annual Halloween bash, the supermodel was transformed into an old lady, complete with varicose veins and a saggy neck.

Like a magical crystal ball, we all got a peek at what the gorgeous mother-of-four might look like in another, say, 30 years. And it’s not still kinda pretty. Sure, her teeth are yellow. Her skin has been ravaged a bit by fake time, but to me I still see the Heidi of today. Ya know, this one:

But still, perhaps it’s Heidi’s gentle reminder that all beauty fades. Also, she has some really impressive make-up artists on her team! See all the other celebs who turned out for Heidi’s Halloween party at Marquee in New York City last night in the gallery above.