Comment Buzz: The Week’s Best Reader Comments About Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga vs. Kelly Osbourne, and More

You guys. You guys. It’s November. We are two months away from the year 2014. Where did the time go? Where did Halloween go? Have you finished your Christmas shopping, or are you a lazybones? So much is happening so quickly. Still, some things never change. Like this. Oh, and good reader comments. We’ve always got plenty of those.

This supposed email from Anne Hathaway’s camp to the staff of a charity event elicited some strong reactions:

“What is with the grammer in the letter to the event staff? That alone makes it look like this is a fake” – Vernita

“Agreed with Vernita. The grammar was atrocious! The sentences were incomplete & totally unprofessional!! Definitely a fake – pathetic.” – hexuss

“Why would that make it fake? There are even dumber people with more important jobs out there.” – Samantha

“A letter written by who? To who? I don’t even believe half the nonsense you guys post…. uhhhggg….. 3 minutes wasted” – Luca

“F this email is true , there is actually a very good reason why no one was allowed to speak to Anne during this event. She was working for the charity in honor of her very close friend who has Breast cancer. Everytime she was interviewed about it , she burst into tears. ” – Tina

“Fake email, fake fake….I know people who were there and there was no “front row” only tables where people sat. The only people who’d be sitting next to her would be the event organizers and her own people. And is English the 2nd language of the author here? Atrocious grammar and spelling, no way was this written by someone working this event.” – intheknow2

Kim Kardashian opened up about how remarks about her pregnancy weight hurt her:

“I think it’s rotten when a person is judged and criticized because of their weight gain or loss…pregnancy or not…it’s cruel. You don’t have to like the individual, but don’t show your immaturity by cutting remarks about that person’s physical look…regardless of what it is.” – firesidechat

Are Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom back together?

“YEAH!!! Two good people who belong together…don’t give up!!” – Melissa

if you love someone fight for your relationship” – Crystal

“I really want them to stay together. I love Khloe and Lamar. I have faith in their marriage.” – Ruth Ann

Kelly Osbourne and Lady Gaga fought. But then they made up. Things are probably settled now?

“Kelly this is so cool now if GaGa accepts your olive branch she will be showing that it is good to forgive and that Bullying is bad no matter what your age is :) TYVM” – Donald

“Not that I’m any fan of Lady Gaga’s – I think she’s a piece of sh*t hack – but Kelly Osbourne is such an incredibly negative person. All drama, never a single nice thing to say about anyone, just like her mother. And yet for some reason guys keep lining up one after the other to get engaged to her. Not marry her, mind you, just to get engaged. She hasn’t had one lead to the altar yet and she’s been engaged three or four times.” – Elizabeth

A new track from Eminem and Rihanna was released to mixed reactions:

“loved it.” – Rahul

“Eminem and Rihanna: Two wrongs don’t make a right.” – spookym

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