WATCH: Justin Bieber Gets Hit On Stage By a Blue Flying Object and Calls It a Night

Justin Bieber may be having a good time at the brothels in Brazil.

But on stage, not so much.

The 19-year-old crooner was singing to hysterically screaming fans in Sao Paulo on Saturday when at the tail end of the tune he was distracted by a flying object.

And Celebuzz has the video.

No, it wasn’t the naughty kind of thing that’s usually thrown at rock stars (like the lacy bra that apparently helped Bieber “grow up” back in June), but this one could have caused some serious damage (and even knocked the mic right out of his hand!)

Instead of landing on stage, a fan (or maybe not) threw a blue object resembling a bottle at the pop star — and by the look on his face, Biebs was none to pleased.

It’s actually not the first time the pint-size Canadian had to dodge a projectile while performing. In 2010, the baby-faced singer had to cover his face when a water bottle hit him on the head as he was talking to his fans.

Only this time around he was so pissed off that according to Brazilian celeb site EGO, he reportedly didn’t return to belt out last song of the night, “Baby,” which I as I’m sure you can imagine, disappointed the ladies.

But there were plenty of swoon-worthy moments to make up for it, with one lucky gal getting serenaded during “One Less Lonely Girl” and Bieber going signature shirtless to sing “As Long As You Love Me.”

And bottle-throwing aside, Biebs only had three special words for his Portuguese-speaking fans: “Love u Brazil,” he wrote on Twitter.

Watch all the bottle-throwing action in slow motion in the CB! video above.