Hot New Meme Alert: First World Lady Gaga Problems

You know that meme, First World Problems? So 2000 and late! The new thing is First World Lady Gaga Problems, which works exactly the way you’d expect.

“Rips off David Bowie for new single. Critics say it sounds like Madonna.”

Writes song about Donatella Versace for new album. Now Gareth Pugh won’t return my calls.”

“Wears attention-grabbing headpiece. Outdoor heater wore it better.”

I’m going to stop now. You guys did it much better than I could ever hope to.

“My dog ate my meat dress :((” – Karina

“I’ll never be Madonna!” – Tina

“They read my poker face.” – Amanda

“Butcher ran out of meat for my next dress” – Vikram

“I’m so white, I look like a twilight cast member :,(” – Lacey

“I came for the applause, but there was none” – Yaudie

“Some b*tch dun kilt her vibe” – William

“don’t cry for me lady gaga” – Iona

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