I'd Cry, Too, Were I to Attend a Justin Bieber Concert

Justin Bieber heats up Shanghai on world tour
My many years in "the biz," though, tell me this girl is crying because she's a fan of Justin Bieber, whereas I... AM ALSO A FAN OF JUSTIN BIEBER! Love all of his songs! "Cool Pants" is my favorite. Love all of today's winning captions too. Can't pick a favorite, though, so don't ask.

"Gurrrrll..where'd you get those shoes♥" - Desiree

"wow Justin, your breath really stinks...please stop singing right in my face, please Justin, cant you see I'm dying here??" - Abbie

"Meet me at the brothel?" - Brandon

"Did she wear slippers to my concert, does she think she's Cinderella or something?" - Haven

"Hmmmm you smell like Selena!" - Alma

"Don't worry baby. You need a penicillin shot after touching me but I got you." - John

""Do you think I look like Walter White in this hat?" - Suzanne

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