Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison Officially Separate

Dear me, the rumors are true.  The sun has set on Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison’s marriage.

The Daily Mail essentially confirmed what sources told CELEBUZZ last week, that the couple’s two-year union is over and they are “legally separated.”

There’s a silver lining, though!  Hutchison will co-manage Stodden’s career alongside her mother, Krista.

Their joint statement read:

After two and a half years of marriage, Courtney and Doug have decided to become legally separated.  This is a mutual and amicable decision that they’re making together.  As you know, Courtney was married at a young age.  Now, at nineteen, she’s interested in exploring life ands an unmarried single young adult — with the freedom to explore her independence.

Doug supports Courtney 100%t. The two will share custody of their precious pup, Dourtney, remain living in the same house [for now] in separate bedrooms, and Doug will be co-managing Courtney’s career.

“We love each other very much, want for each other’s happiness, and will continue being the best of friends for life,” the couple added to the press release.

A source told CELEBUZZ four days ago that Stodden and Hutchison “were headed for a separation.”

Stodden starred in the UK’s most recent Big Brother cycle without her 53-year-old husband.  Her heavy flirtations with fellow contestant and TOWIE star Mario Falcone was more or less a clear indication that Stodden is 19 AND SHOULD NOT BE MARRIED TO A 53-YEAR-OLD.

“She came out of the Big Brother house and had found her independence,” the source added. “She’s 19 and wants to have fun. She learned she could stand on her own and be a woman. “