Justin Bieber’s New Hobby Is Getting Him in Trouble With the Cops

No, we’re not talking about the brothel visits here.

The Brazilian authorities are reportedly not too thrilled with Justin Bieber when he tagged their city walls with his graffiti. According to TMZ, a police investigation has been launched after the “Bad Day” singer was photographed spray-painting some design on a building in Rio.

The website reports that cops even showed up at Biebs’ rented mansion to ask questions, but Prince of Saggy Pants had already left the country by that time. Local laws state that defacing buildings is a  punishable crime and violators can be jailed for up to a year.

Sources close to the 19-year-old claim poor ‘ol JB is pleading ignorance, insisting that locals has advised him it was okay to vandalize graffiti up the place.

Really, Bieber? Was this “local” the same person who said it was fine to be peeing into mop buckets? If Chris Brown can’t tag his own house, you certainly cannot go around messing up someone else’s private property.