Lady Gaga’s Going to Sing in Space

The only person in the world who saw Gravity and thought, I’ll take that please, Lady Gaga is going to space. The trip will be in early 2015 and will make Gaga both the first singer to perform in outer space and the second extra-terrestrial to return home.

Us Weekly, which first reported the news, says the trip will be a part of the Zero G Colony high-tech musical festival which is a thing that exists because Richard Branson literally has too much money. While in space, Gaga will perform one song and then return to Earth, the guest planet to which she’s become accustomed.

Gaga will have to “do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere.” In addition, Us notes, in a surprisingly morbid twist for the usually upbeat publication, that in case something goes wrong “Gaga has taken out a ridiculous life insurance policy.” Kinda brings the mood down huh?

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