Read Excerpts from Tom Cruise’s Deposition in His Defamation Lawsuit

Tom Cruise is on the defensive and is going full throttle with a $50 million defamation lawsuit he filed last year against the publisher of Life & Style and In Touch magazines, according to recently filed court docs obtained by Celebuzz.

The famous actor rarely opens up about his personal life, and since his split from Katie Holmes in 2012 he’s remained silent. Until now.

In a deposition dated Sept. 9 and filed on Tuesday, the actor adamantly denies he ever “abandoned” his 7-year-old daughter Suri after his much-publicized divorce, as the mags claimed.

Here are the highlights from the court documents:

He calls the headlines that led him to sue the mags “disgusting”:

This is what he had to say when the opposing attorney asked him about reports that Katie left him because of Scientology:

And how about Katie leaving him in order to protect Suri from the controversial religion?:

And he found it even more offensive when the attorney had the audacity to ask him if Suri “practiced Scientology” when he was married to Katie:

He admits that Katie practiced Scientology before and during their 6-year marriage and since she filed for divorce last June has left the Church. When someone leaves the Church permanently they are referred to as a “suppressive person,” but whether or not his ex is deemed an “SP” wasn’t so easy to answer:

Here’s what a “suppressive person” is exactly in Tom’s own words:

The 51-year-old superstar also greatly defends his parenting skills, especially when it comes to communicating with all of his children, including Connor and Isabella, when he’s not around on a daily basis:

And he wants everyone to know that Suri is a normal 7-year-old.

Tom has a lot more to say in the CB! gallery below.