Will Smith’s Birthday Message to Daughter Willow Will Make You Very Uncomfortable

Yikes. Okay. There are certainly ways one should and should not talk to a 13 year old, no matter how precocious said 13 year old may be. In this case, the 13 year old is Willow Smith, the vice president of precociousness, but it’s still pretty icky to talk to her about getting mommy pregnant. Which is just what Will Smith did.

Here is the message Will Smith posted on his Facebook on the occasion of Willow’s birthday:

Will Smith's Birthday Message to Willow

Nevermind that traditional Facebook etiquette is to post your message on the wall of the person who’s celebrating their birthday, not your own timeline. Let’s get to the real creepy part which is when Will Smith starts talking about getting Jada Pinkett Smith pregnant.

“Jeez, Mom and Dad, get a room.” – Willow Smith, 2013