Jennifer Lawrence’s Stalker Pleads Guilty and Sent Back to Canada

Jennifer Lawrence has a lot more to celebrate than just a new haircut.

She can finally breathe a sigh of relief now that the Canadian man who was facing charges that he stalked the actress’s brother in order to get to her pleaded guilty in October and was set free.

But he didn’t get off scot-free, according to court docs obtained by Celebuzz.

After a psychiatric exam concluded 23-year-old Vancouver, BC native Han Cong Zhao was competent to stand trial he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of interstate stalking and repeated harassing phone communications.

And as a result has been placed on unsupervised probation for 5 years and was released from custody in Louisville, Kentucky under very specific conditions:

- That he immediately return to Canada (which he did on Oct. 9.).

- He can’t return to the U.S. during those five years.

- He must also undergo mental health treatment and provide proof of compliance through his attorney.

- And last but not least, he cannot have any communication whatsoever with the Lawrence family.

This all started back in April when Jennifer’s brother Blaine Lawrence started receiving countless phone calls and text messages from Zhao who ID’d himself as “Ted” and wanted Blaine to put him in touch with his Oscar-winning sister so that he could “protect” her, according to court docs.

Zhao even resorted to sending emails where he made outlandish claims that he was the actress’s “husband for life.”

And the messages went from bad…

“I wouldn’t kill anyone for sure, but I would scare them enough with real things happening around their life to make sure that they get it,” he wrote. “…i will f**king get angry and all hell’s going to break loose… i will come in and kick everybody’s a*s and show everyone who’s THE ONE. Watchout… I am fucking Clint Eastwood now. I am taking over and in charge.”

To worse…

“Either I find you, or you come and see me, okay? .. You got me really upset,” he also left on a voicemail message to Jennifer’s brother. “When I’m, when I’m upset, let’s see what happens, alright?”

If that isn’t bizarre enough, Zhao even flew from Vancouver to Jennifer’s hometown of Louisville where he walked right into a local police station to ask officers… get this… about where the actress’s mom lived.

After a three-hour interview with police in which he said he was the “second coming of Jesus” and Jennifer’s mother “had what he needed to complete his journey,” he was (not surprisingly) involuntary hospitalized for a psych evaluation and was put behind bars.

And the rest is now Hollywood history.