The People of Rio to Justin Bieber: “Our Area, Our Laws”

Word to the wise, Justin Bieber shouldn’t show his pretty face in Brazil any time soon.

After the brothel debacle, creepy video circulating of the pop star sound asleep and possible vandalism charges… now there’s this.

The people of Rio are taking their city back from the Canadian crooner after he went on a graffiti spree last weekend showing off his handy paint job on the Hotel Nacional where he was staying.

Seven taggers apparently destroyed the Biebs’ so-called art with a few words of advice for the 19-year-old: “Our area, our laws,” according to Brazil’s celeb site EGO.

Celebuzz confirmed with Civil Police that Bieber was booked for “tagging or otherwise defile building or urban monument” because he didn’t get permission to paint at that specific location.

(Bieber wrote “getting better” when he posted this shot to Instagram last week.)

(He calls this “street art.” Photo: Instagram)

“The singer would have received authorization from the City to conduct a graffiti wall in the Olympic Village, at the Morro do Vidigal, but for security reasons, the singer’s team decided that was not viable for him to do graffiti there,” CB! was told. “The authorization granted by the City did not extend to other locations.”

(Bieber just posted this pic with a message that this is his “escape”: “Every place I have tagged has been approved I do not suggest tagging private property.. I still suck but i have fun doing it.”)

Although it’s considered a minor offense, the case will be investigated and the “Never Say Never” singer could have to pony up a fine.

(Bieber thinks “Everyone loves penguins.”)