Tom Hiddleston Saw Chris Hemsworth Naked, Pass it On

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I have to be subtle about my infatuation with Tom Hiddleston, lest he think I’m coming on too strong.  So, instead of introducing him as my gentleman caller, I shall refer to him only as the star of Thor: The Dark World.

Dreamy, Harrow-educated Hiddleston accepted a slumber party invite from MTV’s Josh Horowitz, dressing in his coziest pyjamas for boys’ night in.

Hiddleston was very polite, despite the circumstances.  He was game for any and all questions, including who he’d most like to have a sleepover with (Stellan Skarsgard), who he’d F**k/Marry/Kill.

Things got weird/entertaining when Horowitz suggested a rousing game of Truth or Dare.  Hiddleston chose Truth and had to explain why he’s seen co-star Chris Hemsworth naked.

“He showed me a very funny picture of him with his baby, and it was an illustration of how small she was.  It’s fine.  It’s all fine,” Hiddleston said sheepishly.

Thor: The Dark World opens this Friday.