Too Bad You and Your Unpleasant Demeanor Are Endangered, Corgis

It was revealed that the Pembroke Welsh corgi is at risk of becoming “vulernable,” according to Britain’s Kennel Club.

Today reports that Queen Elizabeth’s favorite breed is on the endangered list for the first time ever, with only 239 currently registered.  The organization does not expect that number to exceed 300 by the end of the year.

The Queen’s corgis are as famous as her bright outfits and trusty purse, having been a presence in her life since King George VI brought home “Dookie” in 1933.

Since then, Her Majesty has had over 30 corgis, all of which were pains in the ass.

In 1954, royal clockwinder Leonard Hubbard was bitten by Susan, who went on to breed more yappy canines.  In 1991, the Queen had to get three stitches in her left hand after trying to break up between ten of her corgis.  In August 2012, one of the corgis attacked Princess Beatrice’s dog, Max at Balmoral.