Britney Spears' New Song 'Passenger' Leaks Online

It's only been days since we've only whet our Britney Jean appetite with "Perfume," but the best has yet to come.

Whether you like it or not, Britney Spears is once again invading your life with uber-catchy pop songs as a track from her upcoming studio album has been leaked online. Titled "Passenger," the head-bobbing diddy has the Princess of Pop crooning about having someone take the metaphorical wheel to her life.

"I've never been a passenger / But we'll see more without a map," she sings.

Regardless if Spears' actually cooing about Jesus Christ or boyfriend David Lucado as the driver, one thing is for sure: this song will get stuck in your head like a bug on your just-washed windshield.

Take a listen to the track, below.

The track has unfortunately been removed, but you can find the lyrics on Directlyrics.



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  • Lulu Camden
    Lulu Camden

    That's ridiculous.I've had a really bad week & was looking forward to listening to this again after work .if it was going to be removed,they should have been paying attention & did it yesterday. I will buy the album regardless when available, but this seems like a deliberate leak

  • Malcolm Agius
    Malcolm Agius

    Thank God it's been removed. I hate leaks. They diminish the song's success