Christina Aguilera is Like REALLY Skinny Now

My first thought when I saw these photos of Christina Aguilera from last night's The Voice Top 12 Finalists event was "zipper." I mean it is right there. But then I stepped back and realized Xtina is actually XS now.

It's really hard to believe that just under a year ago, this was Christina at the American Music Awards:

Don't get me wrong. Aside from the aggressive fake tan, I think Christina looks lovely. She even proclaimed that she loved her curves, and that she was comfortable in her own skin. But that was then and this is now, and Christina has slowly been whittling herself away over the last twelve months.

I yearn for a time when women of all shapes and sizes are welcomed in the music industry and are judged solely on their talent and not their size. But until then, Christina: you are beautiful, no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down.



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  • Miyuki Hamasaki
    Miyuki Hamasaki

    this is why people have serious weioght problems... because of you guys, one day you're thin and then you're too fat, and viceversa, clearly, you guys need a reality check...

  • Rene Bayonik
    Rene Bayonik

    It doesn't help to have women judged on their talent when you constantly write articles commenting on their weight. First about her weight gain and now being too skinny. It is YOU who are ridiculous!