Courtney Stodden Explains Doug Hutchison Split: I Didn’t Want to “Neglect My Youth”

In today’s “totally saw that coming” news, teen bride divorcée Courtney Stodden opens up about the reasoning behind her split with 53-year-old Doug Hutchison, stating the couple had parted ways because she didn’t want to spend her 20s being tied down to someone.

“I want to be free and embrace my independence and not neglect my youth,” she tells E! News, adding that she no longer considers the man she married three years ago her soulmate.

And Stodden certainly isn’t wasting any time jumping into singledom. Come on, the girl actually broadcasts that she was single and ready to mingle in her freakin’ statement announcing the breakup, which reads:

After two and a half years of marriage, Courtney and Doug have decided to become legally separated.  This is a mutual and amicable decision that they’re making together.  As you know, Courtney was married at a young age.  Now, at nineteen, she’s interested in exploring life ands an unmarried single young adult — with the freedom to explore her independence.

Doug supports Courtney 100%t. The two will share custody of their precious pup, Dourtney, remain living in the same house [for now] in separate bedrooms, and Doug will be co-managing Courtney’s career.

The 19-year-old has also been spotted partying it up with her gal pals since the split, clearly not looking like a heartbroken at all. Yes, the world is Courtney’s oyster. Let’s just hope she doesn’t run into any crabs.