Get Out of Michelle Obama’s Shot, Blake Lively

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Today, Michelle Obama invited a handful of celebrities to a career workshop in the White House’s East Room.

Gayle King, Harvey Weinstein, Blake Lively, Naomie Harris, and Whoopi Goldberg all spoke about their involvement in film production.  Students from D.C., New York and Boston all had an opportunity to hear from leaders in the industry about animation, special effects, makeup, costume, directing, music and sound effects.

Obama drove home the point of having direction and discipline, something the panel members exemplified.

When Harvey was 10, he lost an eye when he was playing with other kids. So he couldn’t go to school for 6 months,” the first lady said, according to The Wrap.  “But Harvey didn’t sit around feeling sorry for himself. He knocked on the door of a retired librarian who lived next door to him and asked for books. Now for those of you who know Harvey … can you imagine a 10-year-old Harvey in a conversation with a librarian …

“From that moment on, Harvey developed a knack for reading and a skill for finding good stories he has used for years for decades.”

I don’t know what Lively talked about, but I’m guessing it had to do with cooking, eating chocolate, cooking, and lifestyle products.