Here’s the First Official Clip from ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

You may have seen that other clip the other day, but here is the first official clip from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire released today by Lionsgate. Fans of the books will recognize this scene, but for those who haven’t read the books here’s a (spoiler free) explainer. The clip comes from early in the movie (and book) as Katniss and Peeta make their victory tour through the 12 districts of Panem, following their win in the 74th Hunger Games. As they tour the districts, they slowly begin to realize that not everything is as it seems. While Katniss and Peeta are eager to return to the lives they had, they quickly realize that they’ve become symbols of hope for the downtrodden residents of Panem. The Capitol — and President Snow in particular — also plan to use them as pawns of their totalitarian rule.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out Nov. 22. It will make a bajillion dollars and everyone will be talking about it so if you aren’t already excited, now’s a good time to hop on the bandwagon.