Miles Teller On Zac Efron After Rehab: “His Abs Look Great, His Smile Looks Great”

Actor Miles Teller plays Zac Efron’s BFF in the highly-anticipated That Awkward Moment, and the bromance has spilled over from the big screen to real life. So much so, the newly-sober star has shared his words of wisdom on the highs and lows of fame.

“Zac’s a very successful guy and I think there’s a few people in the business and world that when you say their name in Kenya someone knows who that is,” Teller told reporters at Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green at the Mondrian Los Angeles Wednesday.

“He’s experienced something that I never have. I don’t wish that level of fame on someone. Especially at a young age it’s tough to deal with.”

The off-screen buddies have bonded even in the days after Efron’s headline-making stint in rehab.

“Zac’s great. If you’ve seen him his abs look great, his smile looks great. He’s doing well,” Miles told Celebuzz with a laugh.

“It’s good to have your peers to talk to because my high school friends and I still hang out with and obviously we can all talk about stuff we’re going through. Then to have people in the business you can talk to, it’s just another level of comfort and kind of lean on each other.

“For Zac, he did High School Musical when he was 17 or 18 and instantly he was super famous. For me and [co-star] Mike [B. Jordan] it’s like you do a movie, some people find out who you are, you do another movie other and people find out who you are. Zac is a little envious of that. I think that’s a nice way to come up and grow with it.”

Even at a mere 26-years-old, Efron comes with a wealth of Hollywood experience already, which he has gladly passed on, added Teller.

“The piece of advice Zac gave me was like when you get a house get a bunch of security, have a gated driveway because paparazzi,” he said. “It’s insane how they can kind of march up to your house an take photos.

“[But] I cannot afford to move to a house yet,” Teller joked. “But when I do I will get a bunch of security.”