I Can’t Stop Watching Celine Dion Watching Herself

I don’t know exactly when I became a Celine Dion fan again. It’s not that I was ever not a fan — I sing “I Drove All Night” in the shower just as much as any red-blooded American — but she wasn’t really in my consciousness for the last few years. Now she’s back with a new album, and a new press tour. Somewhere between playing Singing Password and trying to explain Miley Cyrus I remembered why I fell in love in the first place. This video, of her watching a video of herself is the, as they say in her native tongue, pièce de résistance.

I can’t provide a whole lot of context for the video above, not that any is necessary. Purportedly, it’s from a television appearance, in which the host showed Dion footage of herself rehearsing “Loved Me Back To Life” in a bathroom before recording it. Do you, Celine. Just keep a camera trained on yourself at all times because we love to watch it.

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