Miranda Kerr Hints at Possible Reconciliation with Orlando Bloom

Earlier this week, TMZ followed Miranda Kerr into LAX for an impromptu Q&A.

The Australian model graciously answered a fews questions for the paparazzi, who wanted to know if there was any chance of reconciling with estranged husband, Orlando Bloom.

We love each other.  It’s family forever,” Kerr said as she made her way to her gate.

When pressed for more information on whether her three-year marriage is officially over, Kerr reiterated that she and Bloom would always be a family.

“We support each other and we love our son.”

Kerr talked to Self Magazine’s December issue (via Daily Mail) about the importance of forgiveness and moving on.

The practicing buddhist says a daily prayer to her self: “I forgive you, please forgive me, let’s forgive each other, let’s love each other, let’s be at peace with each other and ourselves.”