This Is Why Justin Bieber Got Kicked Out of His Buenos Aires Hotel

Beliebers would do anything for their idol.

Even if it means getting him kicked out of his hotel.

Justin Bieber fanatics took their fandemonium to a whole new level in Buenos Aires, Argentina over the weekend when they stormed the pop star’s motorcade and tried to climb over and break down walls to get thisclose to the teen superstar.

One amped-up Belieber even thought it was a smart idea to try to get passed police, rush the entrance and kick down the makeshift wall to the Faena Hotel where the Biebs was staying. (But as you can see in the video above, this fan was most definitely wrong when police got a hold of him.)

The deafening screams of teen girls outside the hotel also led to the crowd to literally dive under barricades and run into the hotel as security tried to stop them... to no avail.

The ridiculous rowdiness got so out of control it led JB to get kicked out of the hotel because of the ongoing destruction of property courtesy of his fans as they camped outside, according to TMZ.

Take a look at all the craziness in the CB! videos above and below.



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  • Sergio Woodley Sinclair
    Sergio Woodley Sinclair

    And the little douchebag was partying too hard to do concerts. that Ivy drip wasnt for food poisoning more like drug overdose . He canceled the show because he partied at the Electronics Concert CreamFields. The annual rave concert went until 10am and Justin was there full party and druged. The next day was the concert where he sang 4 songs and then cancelled claiming food poisoning. he ate at the best restaurants and hotels here in Buenos Aires and he is the only one with food poison in his entourage give me a break.. He needs some serious REHAB. And taught manners

  • Sergio Woodley Sinclair
    Sergio Woodley Sinclair

    Bullshit story . he was thrown out the hotel room for thrashing the room sources say here in Buenos Aires