Get to Know Your Celebrity Blabbermouth: Farrah Abraham’s Boyfriend Brian Dawe

Celebrity Blabbermouth Brian Dawe
From waxing her 4-year-old daughter’s eyebrows to an obsession with plastic surgery or that infamous sex tape to her foray into the sex toy business, Farrah Abraham has racked up plenty of disapproving fans.

But one person the Backdoor Teen Mom probably didn’t see coming on the list of naysayers is her very own boyfriend.

When one fan posted a message on Brian Dawe’s Twitter about Abraham’s former Teen Mom co-star and newly-released jailbird Amber Portwood getting her own MTV special post-prison, Dawe couldn’t resist venting how “adamantly" he is "against reality TV” that “exploits teenage girls.”

We'll let him continue...

“Just more exploitation of troubled people by @MTV,” he wrote of Portwood’s rumored new special.

We have to ask, Dawe does know that without Teen Mom on her less-than-impressive resume Abraham would never have been able to add ‘backdoor’ to her moniker, that five-figure deal to her bank account, no one would have ever cared to read about how her "Teenage Dream Ended," and, most importantly, their destinies most likely would never have crossed.

The DJ’s telling words weren’t lost on another follower who decided to call him out on the fact that he happens to be dating one of those “troubled people” and also once starred on his own reality show Master of the Mix on VH-1.

Well said, Fee.



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  • GaryandMelissa Drake
    GaryandMelissa Drake

    I just stated word for word what was on the guy's facebook. You're saying that's not a fact?? At the time that he posted about his 20 yr old girlfriend, he obviously didn't know he was gonna be in a fake relationship with your daughter the next month. If they've been dating for 5 months, then where's the pics to prove it? The girl doesn't take a crap without taking pictures of it or keeking about it. You always talk about facts. If you have them, prove it. By the way, there's already articles about how rude & defensive your daughter was to the therapist on Couple's Therapy. I suppose those are lies? We'll see when the show airs! Also, Farrah's new manager is joke. He writes like a middle school flunky. Everytime he opens his mouth he accidentally incriminates himself on setting up her new make believe relationship. Hope you aren't paying him too much....but then again who else would want to work with Farrah?? Hahaha!

  • Mike Abraham
    Mike Abraham

    Gray and who ever you are... You don't know or have the facts ... soon on VH1 you will see wants was real... I know I was there.... From the manager BS you wrote to everything you wrote... I'm Farrah's father and I know the facts.... And soon the world to see... You have you right to your opinion but it's not facts... Michael

  • GaryandMelissa Drake
    GaryandMelissa Drake

    Okayyy....I just saw where Brian Dawe posted in September that he had a 20 yr old girlfriend. One of his friends left a comment that he had seen them together. Farrah is 22. Their relationship is a publicity stunt that they & their manager cooked up after the two of them appeared at Vain in Orlando. That was the night they met. Farrah had just been dropped by her manager & by Vivvid & needed a new manager. When she met Dawe that night, he introduced her to his manager & that's when they cooked up this fake relationship. They're trying to rehab her image & give him some publicity at the same time. None of them are as smart as they think they are! Lol!!