Lady Gaga Talks About Her Feud with Perez Hilton

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Last night/this morning, Lady Gaga invited friends and journalists to her “artRave” press conference at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

There, she did strange things in front of a Jeff Koons sculpture mades especially for her, and performed singles from her new album, ARTPOP.

According to Billboard, the singer arrived 70 minutes late to her own event, but made up for it with her performances, which pleased the “Little Monsters” who dressed up for the occasion.

During her press tour, Gaga told USA Today about falling out with Perez Hilton.  Apparently the blogger wanted to move into the singer’s building, which was the last straw in a never-ending fight between the former friends.

“It’s fine to hate me afar. Everyone can hate me from afar,” Gaga said.  “But the second you try to move in next door to me, I know you’re getting too close, and it’s not safe. Already it’s stressful not feeling safe as it is. I have lots of security. I get death threats all the time. Some things bring out the New Yorker in me. If you hate somebody and you want to move next door to me, the only thing I can think of is that you’re moving in because you want to blow yourself up. There’s thousands and millions of apartments in New York. You don’t need to move in next door to me.”

Hilton announced in August that he was moving to New York to raise his son, born via surrogate.

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