Bradley Cooper Just Wants to Reminisce about The Good Old Days

It’s not every day you rub elbows with Hollywood folks. But if you went to Germantown Academy, Class of ’93, you might have stumbled across Bradley Cooper having a pint in the local pub over the weekend.

The Silver Linings Playbook star attended alumni events with all the plebs, but of course was subjected to a few Instastalkers who posted pics like this: 

I mean, it obviously is a big deal. I just think it’s funny/cool/weird/confusing why B Coop would make an appearance at an event so sure to amass admirers, unless .. he .. actually .. wanted them? Which is fine. As long as he mingled with the other revelers, which it seems like he did, based on this:

And then someone did this:

He probably wasn’t psyched about that #tbt mullet pic, but it’s pretty awesome. Bradley, who is practically dating a high school student, 21-year old model Suki Waterhouse, is currently filming a Cameron Crowe movie with Rachel McAdams in Hawaii.