Lady Gaga Believes She Can Fly, She Believes She Can Touch the Sky

Do you ever wonder what it must be like working for Lady Gaga? Do you think she would just, like, call you at 3 a.m. and say things like, “Build me a flying dress that looks like four salon hair dryers with a bodice attached, and by the way, it’s due tomorrow kthxbai!”? Perhaps fortunately, I don’t think any of you do work for Lady Gaga. Your one and only job was to write a clever caption for this photo, and you were successful! Raises for everybody!

“Exit Ozone.” – Nancy

“If birds & planes can fly then why Can’t I” – MzTyffani

“Yolo b*tches , im off to space ! Adios !” – Misal

“This is the weirdest beauty salon I have ever been to.” – Murrt

“And you thought it wouldn’t get weirder than my egg vessel!” – Kristen

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