Here’s a Message to Beyonce from Her Biggest Fan in Australia

By: Andrea Simpson / November 12, 2013

Sophie Kotkis got the thrill of a lifetime when Beyonce serenaded her from the front row of her concert over the weekend.

And she’s sharing her personal photos and videos with Celebuzz.

Sophie, who suffers from multiple sclerosis and is legally blind, had dreamt of the moment when she could meet her idol. And it was no easy feat to pull off, according to her sister.

“I have been trying for years and years, to get Sophie either backstage or into any form of concert,” Ellie Kotkis told CB! “I emailed promoters/celebrities teams/anyone I could. But the answer I got back was either always a fat NO or they just did not reply at all.”

When she heard that Beyonce was performing in Perth, Australia she thought she’d give it one last try and made a video about her inspirational sister’s zest for life. And with the help of Hope for Children, a charity supported by the singer, they received tickets to the concert Nov. 8.

(Ellie and Sophie Kotkis and friend Kalkidan Forward from their front row seats.)

“I kept this all a surprise for Soph up until the Wednesday before the concert,” added Ellie. “When we arrived we were greeted by Beyonce’s incredible and friendly staff. They looked after us so well and told Soph that Beyonce was excited she was there and looking forward to seeing her dancing.”

(Sophie gazes at the crowd.)

Beyonce’s staff surprised Sophie yet again with seats on side of the stage where she got a starring role in the performance — to give Bey her towel during the concert (watch below).

“Soph nearly lost the plot at that stage with excitement. Beyonce flew over took the towel and then kissed her on the forehead.”

It was then that she started singing “Irreplaceable” and asked Sophie for a duet.

“To watch my sister sing with Beyonce is a moment I will never forget,” said Ellie. “I couldn’t have been more proud. My sister has overcome her setbacks in life. At that moment it was like her disabilities never existed she was just an amazing girl who got to sing with her favorite person in the world, Mrs. Carter herself.”

Sophie even got to take home even more memories — a towel like the one she gave Bey on stage and a signed photo.

“The other night was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to see my sister carefree and doing what she loved. Sophie inspires me every day, and to have someone as special as Beyonce recognize everything Sophie stands for is something I will never ever forget,” said her sister.

And like Queen Bey, Sophie has been living in her superstar moment ever since.

“People recognized her immediately after the concert! I don’t think she understands the magnitude and the enormity of the entire event,” said Ellie. “Sophie is just so grateful and still on cloud nine.”

Watch Sophie’s personal video of their duet below.