Kelly Clarkson Says She and Her Husband Are Trying “Like Rabbits” to Get Pregnant

Newlywed Kelly Clarkson is out promoting her new Christmas album, but when she’s not she’s apparently busy… elsewhere. Clarkson, who married Brandon Blackstock last month, told Jay Leno last night that she and Blackstock were trying “like rabbits” to get pregnant. In case you’re wondering, that means a lot.

Clarkson previously said she wants to be pregnant by Christmas and when asked about it by Leno, she said: “We’re trying, trying trying.” When Leno pressed her further, asking if she was already pregnant, Clarkson said that “we are not announcing anything right now.” She then went on the reveal that she and her new hubby are trying “like rabbits.”

Man, this interview’s gonna be a world of embarrassment when little Kelly Jr. grows up and Googles herself.