Lily Allen Lampoons Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke in Her Video for 'Hard Out Here'

Lily Allen is back with "Hard Out Here," her 8-years-later rejoinder to "Hard Out Here for a Pimp." Allen's been featured on a few songs recently, but it's her first new material since It's Not Me, It's You was released in 2009. But you'll have to forgive her for absence because, as she says in the video, she was busy having two children.

The song is a brutal takedown of the sexism in popular culture and its video lampoons popular music video tropes, featuring Allen surrounded by a group of scantily-clad video vixens. It makes particular satirical reference to Miley Cyrus' twerk-heavy and product placement-laden video for "We Can't Stop" and Robin Thicke's date rape anthem "Blurred Lines." It's also certainly no accident that one of Allen's dancers is a dead ringer for Nicki Minaj. It's always been Allen's specific gift to write a song with clever, biting lyrics and a catchy beat. This song is no exception.

After It's Not Me, It's You, Allen announced she had "no plans" to release another album, breaking the hearts of fans the world over. However, this year she went back into the recording studio and recently launched an official website suggesting new material was on the way. NME speculated that a long-awaited third album would be released next year. If that's true, this could possibly be the first single.

Regardless, here's some new Lily Allen. Enjoy! Lyrics for the track are now on Directlyrics.

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  • Crystal B. Simms
    Crystal B. Simms

    Sorry yeah, if the most popular word of your song is bitch, then who is seeking attention. Yeah, this song would not get airplay if she didnt scream bitch so many times. Terrible attention seeking song. It seems like if women are not talking about sex, they are hating on the ones that are. All these women are pathetic, attention seeking trashes. I love Ariana Grande.

  • Crystal B. Simms
    Crystal B. Simms

    You ask me she is seeking attention too! The most popular word is "bitch," so who wants attention?

  • suspendedfromthemoon

    I don't think she's lampooning them, merely situating them in the current life, and how female performers need to act in a certain way to get forward.