Perez Hilton Tells “Delusional” Lady Gaga to “Stop Doing Drugs”

The feud rages on.

Following Lady Gaga’s candid interview about her falling out with blogger Perez Hilton, her rival is firing back on Twitter, going so far as to telling the “Applause” singer’s father that the Mother Monster will one day die of a drug overdose.

Linking to Gaga’s interview with USA Today, where Gaga questioned Hilton’s motives for into her New York City apartment building, he writes:

The celebrity gossip fiend also references the singer’s former marijuana habit, hinting to his followers that she’s been doing a lot more than just smoking weed.

News of the former friends’ ongoing feud first surfaced when Gaga told her Twitter followers that Hilton had texted her rude messages — like a photo of Madonna pointing a gun at the singer’s head — when she injured her hip. Since then, the blogger retaliated with passive aggressive notes about Katy Perry beating Gaga on the charts, an open letter accusing the songstress of spreading lies, and a campaign to get fans to boycott ARTPOP.

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