Surprise, Surprise: Courtney Stodden is “Playing the Field”

After breaking free from the old ball and chain (a.k.a. Doug Hutchison) Courtney Stodden is taking her newfound teen freedom to a whole new level with more guys than she can handle.

“Courtney’s being courted left and right,” a source told CB!. “And she’s totally playing the field and acting boy crazy.”

From doctors to sons of reality stars, the blonde bombshell is sure making up for those three long years as Mrs. Hutchison that unfortunately she’ll never get back.

First up is a young man by the name of Ruben Arias Jr. and… get this… he’s (gasp) her own age.

No, hell hasn’t frozen over, but the two did get cozy at Disneyland over the weekend, according to an eyewitness.

“They spent the whole day together and he gave her piggyback rides around the park.”

So who’s this new suitor? Well, we can’t have a Stodden story without some bizarre plastic surgery/reality show connection somewhere. He’s the 19-year-old son of ugly duckling-turned-beauty queen Lorrie Arias who starred on the 2005 TV hit The Swan.

“He sent her a bouquet of flowers and she thinks he cute and sweet,” added our insider.

But somehow we think Edible Arrangements just aren’t going to cut it when it comes to her other gentleman callers.

In true Courtney style, she’s been out and about with 40-something Beverly Hills dermatologist Daniel Taheri, according to our source.

“They met at a fashion show and have been texting and talking. She met up with him at the Beverly Hills Hotel just last week,” said the source. “He’s rich, he’s drives a Lamborghini, and he’s been all over Courtney.”

Things really heated up at her Halloween party when they were spotted making out in front of all the guests, added the source.

“It’s casual, but he’s wining and dining her and wants to take her on trips to Paris. So Courtney’s loving it.”

Then, there’s 41-year-old L.A. plastic surgeon Dr. Tim Neavin, who was snapped with the reality star back in April.

Luckily for newly-separated Stodden, there isn’t a conflict of interest because he wasn’t the lucky doc who gave her those DD’s and equally-sizable lips. (She has Dr. Marc Mani and Adrienne Maloof’s ex Dr. Paul Nassif to thank for those show-stoppers.)

“He was skittish because she’s a married woman. But he’s pursued her. They’ve been talking and are planning a date,” added the insider.

We know what you’re thinking, poor little Doug, who’s still has to live under the same roof as his soon-to-be ex.

“He’s accepted she needs to start living her own life,” added the source. “They’re living together for the time being as they sort everything out.”

But two can play that dating game, Courtney.

“He’s prepared to start seeing other people as well.”

We can’t wait to see those lucky ladies.

Calls to Taheri and Neavin were not returned.