Joan Rivers Has a Few Choice Words for Jennifer Lawrence

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JLaw lovers don’t need another reason to like the Hunger Games: Catching Fire starlet (especially after her touching fan encounter Monday night).

But leave it to Joan Rivers, who’s famous for her sharp tongue and even sharper say-so on fashion, to find a way to dislike the 23-year-old Oscar-winner. Let’s just say the 80-year-old comedienne won’t be baking a cake for her anytime soon.

Lawrence decided to have a chat with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer where an audience question turned to specific programs like Rivers’ red carpet style panel series that the newly-cropped blonde said gives young girls an unrealistic image to live up to.

“There’s shows like the ‘Fashion Police’ and things like that are just showing these generations of young people to judge people based on things,” the actress said. “…That they put values in all the things that are wrong and that it’s okay to just point at people and call them ‘ugly’ and call them ‘fat’ and they call it ‘fun’ and ‘welcome to the real world.’” That shouldn’t be the real world…

“It’s not until we stop treating each other like that, with these unrealistic expectations for women… it’s disappointing that the media keeps it alive and fuels that fire. It’s something that really bothers me because I love to eat,” she added, with a laugh.

Well, Rivers fired back and took aim: