Watch Justin Bieber Wipe the Floor With Argentina’s National Flag

Don’t cry for him, Argentina. Before spewing chunks mid-show during his Buenos Aires stop, Justin Bieber was treating your country’s flag like a dirty old rag found at the bottom of a piss-soaked mop bucket.

Argentine Beliebers are now in an outrage after footage of the “Bad Day” singer mistreating their national flag surfaced.

In the one-minute clip, the Biebs is seen using his shoe to sweep two flags that were thrown by fans off his stage. After failing to kick them away, the Canadian crooner then uses a microphone stand to push the flags around as if he’s an janitor who likes to desecrate things as he mops the floor.

 Here are just some of the angry tweets fans are writing to Bieber about the whole snafu:

Disrespecting the Argentine flag is crime punishable by up to four years in prison.

Though Bieber has basically pissed off most of people living the South American country, Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun still promises fans the singer will return to Argentina after cutting Saturday’s show short due to food poisoning.