Adriana de Moura Is “Emotionally Exhausted”

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Ahead of tonight’s Real Housewives of Miami reunion (airing at 9/8c on Bravo), I spoke to Adriana de Moura about a very trying season.

Is she ready for part II?

“As ready as I can be,” she said.  “It’s been a tough season. It was emotionally taxing, and I feel very drained.”

Much has changed between de Moura and co-star Lea Black, who were close until falling out over de Moura’s marital status.  Court papers confirm that she and now husband Frederic Marq were married in 2008, but de Moura allegedly led many in her social circle to believe that she was single all that time.

“She [Lea] was really disappointed that I didn’t disclose my marriage license. But I had a reason, and I don’t think that was the reason she was doing all those things.

“I feel like she is making me pay for her anger against Ana, and that’s how it all started,” de Moura continued, referring to Black’s argument with Ana Quincoces during last season’s reunion.  “She’s just using me as a scapegoat.  Our friendship, I finally realized, wasn’t that important to her because she was willing to completely throw me under the bus, and turn on me over getting the story line.

De Moura told me that, at this point, she and Black are not speaking to one another.

“I can only apologize so many times,” de Moura said.  “I have some dignity too, I can’t just be begging over and over again.”

This season also saw de Moura marry Marq in a custom gown by Gabriella Arango Couture.

“It was the best experience when it comes to making a dress,” de Moura told me.  “We put it [the fabric] against my skin and saw how it looked against my skin tone. Everything was just very special.”

The color of the gown was inspired by Christian Dior, which de Moura finds “very romantic and classic.”

Aside from her gorgeous dress, de Moura caught flak for being late to both her own ceremony and reception, which she blames on exhaustion.

“I was taking [vitamin] shots, every other day just to, keep on going. That’s how drained I was.

“I just could not sit down because I had this and that [going on].  45 minutes before I’m supposed to be walking down [the aisle], I was still sitting down to get my hair and makeup done.

“I was still trying to take care of everything and everybody, and putting myself last.  I always take care of the business, the house, my son, my dog, my husband, and then the last thing is me. So I’m always late, because then I have to be looking like I spent three hours in the spa to go film.”

Part II of the reunion airs tonight at 9/8 c on Bravo.