Katniss Everdeen Kills Everything and Other Funny Things

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Did you miss me last week? Yes, I was gone! Are you telling me you didn’t notice? Oh, you did notice, so that means you just didn’t miss me? So you did notice and you did miss me? Even though I know you’re lying, it’s exactly what I wanted to hear! As a reward for your false kindness, you should enjoy this Celebrity Meme Roundup more than all that came before it! We begin with Katniss shootin’ everybody, and then we move on to…

BuzzFeed’s roundup of things Lady Gaga has looked like recently:

And now: what celebrities would like like if they were part-sloth. Or as I like to call them: slothrebrities!

Following Sex and the City‘s Carrie on Instagram looks like a total delight:

And finally, it’s a terrible day when Oscar the Grouch meets Grumpy Cat:

And that’s a wrap, folks. So happy to be back. Love you, missed you, see you next week.